Connect with yourself – body, mind and spirit. At Mantra, we love yoga and we believe it is for everyone!

We won’t judge, scold, dismiss or intimidate– we just want to help you connect with yourself!

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“Yoga is not about touching your toes, It is what you learn on the way down!” Jigargor

Welcome Spring!!

Please note Mantra Yoga Studio will be closed Easter Sunday!! No classes will be running Easter Sunday! The studio will be running all classes the rest of Easter long weekend!!!

 Mantra Yoga Studio is happy to announce we are bringing Yin Yoga to the schedule. 

Mantra is happy to announce that for the next 4 weeks during Fridays 10:45 slot we are offering Yin Yoga. We have the honour of welcoming Stephanie Needham to the Mantra Family. We are very blessed to have her and her expertise. Please join Stephanie Fridays at 10:45 to explore the meditative, restoring practice of Yin Yoga!!!

meet Stephanie

Stephanie Needham is a Certified Classical Hatha and Yin Yoga instructor, Certified Structural Integration Practitioner (Kinesis Myofascial Integration)  and is a Registered Massage Therapist.

 With a degree in adult education, Stephanie has a dynamic approach engaging with learners and providing a supportive open space for imagination and personal development. A published writer for the community of Structural Integrators and a poet at heart, Stephanie has a passion for soulful expressive living with a strong background in anatomy, movement and education. Stephanie is a passionate educator and facilitator in health care living and being.


The Yoga Challenge:

Mantra Yoga Studio is offering the Yoga Challenge!! Purchase a 30 Day Pass; $140 all in, no taxes, and join us for the 30 day challenge. Mantra challenges you to come to a class every day during the month of April. The challenge will run from April 2nd until May 1st. For those who wish to participate we can track your classes. The Yogi who makes it to the most classes will win 4 free passes. Explore all our wonderful classes. Stretch, tone, get bikini ready, get your Yoga on and join us for the Yoga Challenge!!! See the calendar pagefor class times!!!

Lori Berenz,

It is with a saddened heart we bid farewell to our beloved Iyengar Teacher Lori Berenz. Lori leaves us to pursue her own studio in Collingwood. Lori we wish you all the best in your endeavours ahead!! Lori’s last day is March 31st. 

Mantra is in the process of finding a new path for the Friday 10:45 spot. We will continue to look for a Iyengar teacher, however, they are hard to find. We will find something comparable and pleasing to the Friday yogis. Stay Tuned!!!

Up coming events at Mantra


Men's winter yoga session comes to an end soon. Please note our spring session begins again April 3rd and 4th at 4:30. 


If you are curious about Thai Yoga Massage that David Ruppel offers at Mantra, you might be interested in a series of FREE 30 minute massages David is offering, starting with FOOT Massages this month on March 24th, 25th and 26th.  Look for the sign up sheet at Mantra.  To find out more about Thai Yoga Massage, go to



Starting March 12th Joanne Pineau our back specialists at Mantra Yoga will be taking over the gentle flow class on Sundays at 9:00am. Please read a description of her class bellow and come and enjoy her wonderful class.


Joanne teaches a gentle yoga class for sore bodies and all levels of ability and experience. Stretch, strengthen and breathe. Joanne teaches a particular style of yoga called Viniyoga which emphasizes the breath in all the postures and movements to release body tension , reduce general aches and pains, and increase myo-fascial (connective tissure) mobility. All levels welcomed.   


Mantra is selling a wonderful selection of locally made Mala bead necklaces and bracelets. Come to the studio to see a great selection. A great gift idea !

Mantra offers Thai Yoga Massage with David Ruppel: David was drawn to Thai Yoga Massage because of its dynamic and comprehensive approach to body therapy, He was certified through Thai Massage Toronto, and did additional training at the Toronto School of Thai Massage. 

Thai Massage is an ancient healing art form rooted in Yoga, Ayurveda, and Shiatsu.

It incorporates rhythmic motion, muscle compression, reflexology, gentle stretching, acupressure, and joint mobilization. It can be rigorous or soothing depending on your body and what you need during a particular visit.

Thai Yoga Massage is a full-body massage performed on a floor mat with both parties in loose comfortable clothes. The practitioner guides you through a series of yoga like postures that increase you circulation and flexibility, and leaves you feeling deeply nourished , relaxed, and refreshed.

To book a massage contact David at 519-599-2170 or

Iyengar Yoga
Mantra is now offering Iyengar yoga every Friday at 10:45am. Iyengar is an alignment based practice that focuses on strength and endurance to help improve circulation coordination and balance. 

Introducing Sundara Prana
At Mantra Yoga Studio we are always looking for ways to better serve our yoga community. With that in mind, we are pleased to announce a new offering at the studio – Sundara Prana.Sundara Prana translates literally to mean Beautiful Energy and is a new initiative from Laura Barnes. Laura views yoga primarily as the beautiful movement of energy throughout the body and the mind creating change by shifting old energetic patterns and intends to impart that with this one on one approach. “Over the course of 20 years of practicing and teaching, the remarkable changes that are so gracefully created through the practice of yoga have never ceased to amaze me. On a physical, psychological and spiritual level, this lovely movement and the opportunity that it creates to actually connect with oneself is really the answer to all of our questions. Our practice gives us the keys to open the doors and find the information that lives in us all.” 

“I look forward to the chance to help people help themselves.” Sundara Prana is an opportunity to work one on one with Laura and address your specific challenges with breath, meditation and postures in the privacy of a one on one setting. She will also refer to a network of alternative healing specialists as required to completely serve your needs. 

Laura has worked with students on the following: - insomnia - incontinence - physical challenges – back, neck, hip and shoulder pain - weight loss - Detox -anxiety - “clean” eating - depression - smoking cessation - hyper activity - recovery from illness or surgery - soft addictions - coping with grief and loss - seated yoga for mobility and balance challenges 

Single session - $75.00
Package of 5 - $325.00
Package of 10 - $600.00 

Sessions can be held at the studio or in your home. All sessions are one hour in duration. Please call or email Laura directly to make enquiries and set up appointments. 705 351 8700 / (Laura’s personal email address).


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